This weaving industry we are in is basically HANDMADE. No mechanical processes have been used except the traditional bamboo reed looms which are used in many lifetimes already. The weaving patterns are reflections of the culture and traditions of the communities working for these woven fabrics like binolirao, sariki and other traditional weaving patterns that have been handed down from generations to generations. The intricacies of the preparation of the raw materials to loom preparation to the weaving process will continue spark curiosity to all.

Do you understand what we do? This is the usual question the weaver would ask to the buyer. Considering that we are dealing with a live material which is not cotton – indigenous material which abound in the area, we can never perfect the exact color the buyer wanted however, we can always assure the buyer that we can give them at most 3 shades of colors for their orders and continue maintain the uniqueness of the product. Bleaching and dyeing processes are done in the traditional methods where no lab equipment and tools are used. We can also dye the material using vegetable and plant dyes however in much limited volume. The authenticy of the process using the traditional way would add to the value of the products and therefore be considered artisanal and organic.

Raffia Fiber comes from the unopened Buri Palm (Scientific Name: Corypha elata Roxb.) which two kinds of fibers, namely raffia and buntal are obtained. The process of obtaining the raffia fibers are so tedious that raw material processors in the countryside consider this a labor of love.   

We have been in this business for 28 years and always value client information which we always consider the link of our relationship therefore, we are strict on the protection of designs and color combinations given by the buyers. We commit not to produce buyer-specific products to other players in the market.

We reiterate our commitment to continue advancing the weaving tradition of the old in Bohol and develop intricate weaving patterns and vernacular designs thus creating our fine line of lifestyle raffia products for the local and international markets.