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Raffia Coaster Coasters is  made from a fabric that is especially hand made from Bohol using the century-old 2-harness upright wooden looms. This weavers create beautiful natural pattern and design. The weaving patterns used are vernacular in old Bohol  and are reflection of the culture and traditions of the communities working on these woven fabrics.

The fabrics are cut and sewn to the desired design and patterns.Wood beads in natural forms are incorporated to add more elegance to the raffia coaster. The beads are free from bleaching and dyeing chemicals. Wood used are endemic in Bohol.

This is an all raffia fabric where the weft and the warp. Raffia Fibers are taken from the unopened buri palm leaf sheath painstakingly processed in many stages to create a class A raffia yarn for weaving. This product comes in colored and in natural forms.

These raffia coaster  holds extremely hot drinks (tea/coffee) or ultra icy (granite drinks/ice buckets) without any damaging effects. Our coasters are made in such a way, in order for the bottom to secure incomparable stability, for any grown up and kid that can be a little bit clumsy sometimes.

Functional and decorative, these coasters are perfect for use at home or at offices, adding a classic touch to your tabletops.

  • 100% Handmade from raffia fiber
  • Raffia materials undergone the hot process in scouring and bleaching to maintain its color and texture
  • Can be ordered in different color combinations based on buyers specifications
  • Orders minimum of 6 pieces
  • Tap Dry with hot water to Clean
  • Cold and Hot Resistance
  • Size  is 4 inches in length and 4  inches n width
  • Weight is 4 grams
  • Whats in the Box – 6 x Handmade Raffia Coasters




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